jeudi 23 août 2012

How to setup Zscaler for Native FTP usage

How to setup Zscaler for Native FTP usage ?

Native FTP is only supported from known location.
All Zscaler FTP configuration is done under Administration -> Internet Gateways & SSL.
Please find below steps to setup Zscaler Native FTP:
1. Add your location
2. Enable FTP (this will enable both FTP over HTTP and Native FTP protocols)
3. Define categories which will have FTP access granted
4. Configure FTP client to connect our proxy (ie: on port 21

Zscaler FTP proxy forward customer request to destination FTP server based on Username content.
USER <login>@<destination_hostname>
PASS <password>
Most of FTP client supports proxy confguration.

Zscaler Native FTP doesn't need specific Proxy login / pass credentials.  By now, we authenticate customers based on their gateway location IP.
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